Madden 18 Guide For Getting Best Players With MUT Coins

MUT continues to be one Madden's most robust modes. It offers players solo challenges to play against the computer. Head to head competition and the aforementioned squad based gameplay. While the mode starts out incredibly generous in getting you on your feet, it does turn into somewhat of a grind pretty early on. If you’re new to MUT it’s a mode where completing challenges and games will earn you coins and card packs to build a team to your liking.

You can use coins to purchase card packs or look for trades and auctions within the mode's marketplace. There are competitive challenges and leagues within the mode, that have players looking to build the "Ultimate Team". You must manage player contracts to keep star players on your squad, so you'll need to manage your coin reserves carefully. While Madden has felt more and more in tune with the actual NFL season for some time, MUT is the mode that probably gets the most love on a weekly basis, dropping new special cards to players throughout the year.

The aforementioned grind of MUT can be circumvented by plunking down more cash for card packs that contain high level players. The argument can certainly be made that MUT is pay to win, but then again it all comes down to RNG. Just because you do spend some extra cash for new packs, doesn't mean you’ll get a player that you want. It's all gotten quite egregious in its implementation, but MUT continues to be popular with fans of the series as it continues to get a lot of attention from the developers on a year-in year-out basis.

You can use Auction House to get the excellent players you like. Players are like a commodity in the Auction House, and their entire point is to make your team better while making you money. Popular players usually sell for higher so use this fact to sell them and buy players which are low key but have the same skill. Later on, you can buy your favorite players when you have enough cash.

You will know not to waste your precious hard earned coins on packs and to be patient. Quickselling is also not recommended at all. Placing the cards in various different sets can yield far better results in the form of upgrades than selling or auctioning them ever would.

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12 Sep 2017

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